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Shipping & Handling

Your time is important to us! Orders are normally shipped within 2-5 business days of order confirmation. Packages shipped by Express EMS Shipping should arrive within 4-7 business days of your purchase date, on your doorstep!


Delivery time can take longer when costume or any other offical organization is stopping the packages for inspection.
We observe Jewish Shabbat and holiday times and we do not ship on Saturdays or Jewish holidays.
Shipping charges are in US dollars. The customer is responsible for any import duties or taxes that may be imposed on international orders.

For your convenient an Estimate Shipping button is located in the Shopping Cart.

Please know that Arbel-Judaica shipping services is operating according to Israel Post Services policies.
Arbel-Judaica will not be able to take responsible for any loss of packages until Israel Post office will do so.
Arbel-Judaica refunding in case of lost orders will be according to Israel Post Office policies.

Delivery Tracking is available at the Israeli Post Office - Press Here to track your order


Shipping charges are based on the method you choose:

Express EMS: 4 – 7 Business Days

Weight (Gram) RATES
0-500 $26 per order
501-1000 $32 per order
1001-2000 $42 per order
2001-3000 $72 per order
3001-4000 $82 per order
4001-5000 $91 per order
5001-6000 $101 per order
Extra Payment Per Kilo above 6 Kilo 9$









Registered Air mail: 14 -21 Business Days (Monday - Thursday)

Weight (Gram) USA & Canada South America Europe Far East & Australia
0 - 500 $9 $9 $7 $10
501-1000 $16 $16 $11 $18
1001-2000 $24 $29 $17 $31
2001-3000 $72 $75 $56 $81
3001-4000 $82 $84 $59 $92
4001-5000 $91 $93 $62 $103
5001-6000 $101 $103 $65 $114
Extra Payment Per Kilo above 6 Kilo $9 $9 $3 $9

*Delivery Tracking is available only inside Israel.

Address in Israel - Door to Door Delivery: 2 – 4 Business Days: $13 Per order

Store Pickup: $0

*One package = 20 Kilo, above this weight we will ship in two packages.

* For orders more then 250$ an Export tax of 22$ is calculated in shipping cost.

We stock all the items displayed on Arbel-Judaica. However, we reserve the right to inform you within 48 hours if the item you have chosen is out of stock, in which case we will notify you as to when the item is expected to be in stock prior to processing your order.

Please Note:
For orders outside the U.S. applicable duty and taxes may be imposed on your order that is not reflected in our prices. Check with your local customs office for more information.

Arbel-Judaica Team

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