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Arbel Judaica is proud to present the Miskan Techelt Talit Collection. All combine tradition and modernism, Jewish Motifs and great designs as you can be seen here.  the lightes talit that can be found 30% lighter.
The tallit is customarily made of white immaculate 100% lamb’s wool and includes oblige edges as indicated by the Torah.
Weaving tallit is a unique weaving of fine woolen in order to prevent “sliding” tallit in Addition gives a sense light, rejects spots, special and narrow weaving against sliding tallit. Tallit comes with Glamor ornament made of wool.
All talitot are made according to Jewish Rules and are Successful brand all over the world.
This Unique Talit will add Light and Harmony during Shabbat Ceremonies and  Lovely Addition.

This Elegant Talit will be a wonderful gift for any occasion especially during Holidays, Bar mitzva or Wedding.
All come in Variety of Designs and Sizes and are a welcome addition to any home.

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