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Dear Customers - Welcome To Israel Wonders!

Thank you for buying our products at AMAZON - Bellow are instructions to Download Israel Virtual Experience software.

This ISRAEL Virtual Multimedia Experience is the perfect gift from Israel! More than 100 of the most visited sites in Israel, the ultimate tour guide, texts and explanations of each site, 1000 high quality photos, videos, screen savers, music, recommendations on attractions, hotels, restaurants, and much more. The Virtual Experience Postcard brings you the whole beauty of Israel on one hand!

For a Short demonstration press HERE


1.  Download the zip file to your computer - it is a heavy file (500M) and can take 5-10 minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

2. Extract it into a new file on your computer.

3. Pup Up the Volume...

4. press on the ISRAEL.EXE icon - and Enjoy this amazing journey.

Please download the movie from this link: A Discover Israel Interactive Multimedia Movie

For any Questions - don't hesitate to Contact Us

Thank you

Arbel Judaica Team!



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